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AP Art History - Mrs. Hirkaler

Meet Your Teacher
September/Summer Assignments
Siddhartha & Things Fall Apart   writing prompts are due by September 9, 2011.
China and South Asia assessment due September  16, 2011, African Art Assessment is due September 30, 2011

To review Buddhist belief systems and images ....
METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART and Columbia University field trip in November, sign up early.
Midterm information: Art of China, South Asia including Buddhism, Africa, Egypt, Ancient Near East,Greece,Rome,Early Christian- Byzantine, Americas, Africa, and Early Middle Ages including Islam.  
To review, the Art Beyond the European Tradition (ABET) PowerPoint will be listed on this site. Most of those images are found on the Metropolitan Museum of Art site.

click on this link for the VTHS National Art Honor Society